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The Carolyn Grant ’36 Endowment Fund offers faculty members the opportunity to integrate expressive arts and experiential processes into their teaching and to explore pedagogical methodologies that engage the imagination in a hands-on way. “Experiential processes” include story-telling, movement, drawing, verbal-enactment, meditative-arts, group process and dialogue, creative applications of myth, dream, and folklore, and new audio-visual intensive models of instruction and expression.

Carolyn Grant ’36

Carolyn Grant Fay ’36 prepared at the Madeira School in McLean, Virginia, received an AB in music in 1936 from Vassar College and an MA in counseling and dance therapy in 1977 from Goddard College. Through her work in the field of movement therapy and her study, practice, and support of analytical psychology, Mrs. Fay has been a pioneer in the integration of Jungian psychology and expressive arts therapies. In 1958 she cofounded the C.G. Jung Educational Center of Houston, and served as its president until 1988. The center is unique among Jungian institutions in its focus on the expressive arts. Mrs. Fay has been a member of the American Dance Therapy Association since 1972, was mentored by Mary Whitehouse, and trained in depth with Joan Chodorow, both pioneers of dance therapy. Mrs. Fay developed her work to encompass not only the principles and methods of analytical psychology and movement therapy, but all the expressive arts–music, visual arts, storytelling, sand play, and writing.

Mrs. Fay is a clinical member of the Academy of Registered dance Therapists. In addition to cofounding the C.G. Jung Educational Center, she is the founder of its School of Expressive Arts, where she taught and maintained a private practice. Mrs. Fay’s educational video, “At the Threshold: A Journey to the Sacred through the Integration of Jungian Psychology and the Expressive Arts,” is a documentary profiling her life and work at the intersection of dance therapy and creative expression.